Fowlers Bay Local Attractions

Local Attractions

The unique location of the township setting adjacent to spectacular pristine sand hills.
Spectacular beaches, unspoilt coastline, rugged cliffs and sandhills are all within minutes of your accommodation at Fowlers Bay.

The town is situated within the Fowlers Bay Conservation Park and you should take the time to observe the wildlife both on shore and offshore. 30 metre sea cliffs are as close as Point Fowler, 3 kms from the township.

There are many historical sites including examples of early settlement public buildings and cottages. Read the ‘History Walk’ Historic Interpretive signage erected around the town.
Whale sightings occur from June to October and can be viewed via the whale observation deck telescope situated on the Esplanade, while the famous Head of Bight Whale observation platform is located only 150kms away to the west.


The Whaling Industry: 1840 – 1844 Fowlers Bay
During the period 1840 – 1844, a whaling industry flourished along the South Australian Far West Coast. Whaling stations were established at Streaky Bay and St Peter’s Island. French and American whaling ships regularly plied the coast between Pt Lincoln and Fowlers Bay or ‘wintered’ in the waters of the Bay collecting many thousands of barrels of oil and tons of whalebone. The “Grecian” out of Hobart, and the American ships “Martha” and Amazon” where among those to engage in whaling at Fowlers Bay.

1994 – Archaeological Dig

In August 1994, Dr Catherine Kemper, Curator of Mammals at the South Australian Museum with a party of volunteers and professionals, undertook an archaeological dig in an area several hundred metres inland from the southern shores of Fowlers Bay. They uncovered a vast number of whale bones from the sand and established that at the time of the whaling activity, the immediate area had been an exposed rock shelf upon which the bones had be deposited and over which the sand had subsequently drifted. It is understood that whalers were involved in both shore-based and sea-based processing during those times.

The Head of the Bight

Southern Right whales are returning to nursery grounds in the waters of head of the Great Australian Bight in ever increasing numbers from June to October each year. Only 150 km to the Head of Bight Interpretive Centre where an extensive platform provides a perfect vantage point from which to view the whales and their calves.

Whales in Fowlers Bay

Enroute to the Head of the Bight from June – October each year, whales frequent the waters of Fowlers Bay and the adjacent southern coast for varying periods of time; some passing through, many staying for a week or so before travelling on, while a number of adults and calves stay for a period of several months.
On 13th July 2002, two adult whales wallowed in the water immediately adjacent to the end of the jetty almost touching the timber structure (they were two of approx 15 in the bay at the time). While whales are often observed swimming a little distance past the end of the jetty, the wonderful opportunity to view the gentle giants at such close quarters was truly amazing! Fowlers Bay Eco Park operates whale watching charters that also provide exceptional viewing opportunities.

Rod & Simone Keogh’s Whale Watching Charter


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