How to get to Fowlers Bay

How to get there..

Relative Distances in Kilometres

Adelaide to Perth 2695
Adelaide to Fowlers Bay 912
Port Lincoln to Fowlers Bay 552
Fowlers Bay to Eucla 342
Fowlers Bay to Kalgoorlie 1268
Fowlers Bay to Esperance 1267
Fowlers Bay to Perth 1783

Township Map

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Fowlers Bay is well signposted

Travelling from the East – Journey westward through Ceduna and Penong, and turn off the sign and travel 22 km to Fowlers Bay. 10 km on sealed road and 12 km on unsealed road.
Travelling from the West – Journey eastward from the Head of the Great Australian Bight, turning off the Eyre highway at a point 5 km east of Nundroo. (27 km of unsealed road to Fowlers Bay)